Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Dream Body!

SO... I have a LONG way to go for my dream body... but I will get there. Now, I am going to America soon, so I will try for the next two weeks to consistently work out and eat healthy...but lets face it... I miss the American food! I MISS IT! SO.... I am not going to deprive myself of it... however, I am the biggest I have EVER BEEN. I am not even going to tell you my weight. Something has got to give.

I watched a really good program tonight about an Aussie Trainer who decided to gain X amount of weight , and then try and lose it, to test out how hard it would be to lose the weight. It was so Easy for him to put on the weight, weight SOOOO Hard to Lose it! He put on at least 50 pounds.

So my question to myself is... why? Why is it so hard for me to be dedicated and motivated to a new body? I don't know. I do have A LOT of stress that was handed to me in recent years. I have gained 30 pounds alone in 1 1/2 years. now that is a lot of weight! ultimately... to be to be a good "OK" weight, I need to lose 40 pounds, and from there I will train with only weights, and running. For now, I need to run run, run, run, and eat healthy!

This is my dream body... I have the boobs, just not the body! LOL

Awwwww A Girl can dream!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yay for skyping with Chase!

What to talk about....... what to talk about.....

I got to Skype my friends Chase tonight!!!!!

He is doing really well by the way :) It is always really nice to catch up with good friends. Chase gets me...which a lot of people don't.... people don't know how to handle my randomness.

While skyping Chase, Ben came into the room and brought me a duna, pillow and some chocolate. OH HOW I LOVE MY MAN BENJAMIN!

No. but really good conversation. I am a back and forth type of person with an issue I am facing and he was clear and direct.

Oh how I am sooooo Thankful for GOOD people in the world. Thank you GOD!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I had the day off today... and boy was it productive. (If you really really know me, you'll know I enjoyed sitting comfortably on the couch, with my laptop, eating chocolate for breakfast, and surfing the net...means productive)

I feel INSPIRED. Now. I have always dreamed of perhaps having my own business and be my own boss. The more and more I take photography seriously, the more I know I can do this! I have a long road to where I want to be, but man, are there some great blogs out there willing to spread their knowledge to us newbies!

One of which is named Christina Greve

She is SUPER motivating! I hope that one day I can become a mentor to someone who is in my shoes at the moment.

This is from her site! She posted it to Gals like us who need Positive Affirmation!

Here's the Story!

Alright. I think this is the bazillianth time, "perfecting" my blog. I just have this blogging itch, so here goes!

I will start this off right by writing... who I am, or who I think I am... and a little dose of my life!

For starters, Ben and I were married on October 8th 2011, in the LDS Mesa Temple. It will be 3 years since we met on August 2nd! It is funny to think of where my path would have led me had I not met Ben... and it would have been predictable.

There is NOTHING predictable in the Weatherly household :)

If you are reading this and have no idea why I am in Australia... let me explain....

I met Ben at Disneyland. I was on a vacation with a few friends, and spotted this Hottie standing alone... and back then I was FEARLESS to talk to strangers. You could say I picked him up... and Ben would agree :)

From that day forward, we talked, skype'd and did the whole long distance thing.... oh wait... did I mention the long distance was long distance meaning.... He lived in Australia, and I lived in Arizona? Whelp! It is true! We are the "Success" story of a long distance couple. Sure we had a few hick-ups on the way...a year and a bit later, we got hitched and decided to move to Australia for Ben's Golf Internship with the PGA.

I am not going to lie. There are some day's I wake up and try pinching my cheeks....mostly in Amazement that I am married to this incredible man I call my hubs, and the fact that I am living in a completely foreign country. This move has felt to me as scary, exciting, nerve racking, anxiousness. You name any feeling, I have felt it, or am feeling it!

We live on an Island , on the very bottom of Australia, called Phillip Island.

Since we have moved on Phillip Island We have:
* Adopted a puppy, her name is Sasha!
*Moved 3 times
*Bought a car
*Traveled to Thailand
*Ben is half way through his Traineeship!!!
* I enrolled in Photography school at Photography Studies College
We keep very busy. VERY BUSY.
We are visiting home soon and I am so excited to land on US soil! I may just kiss the ground!
So long story short, I am going to start blogging, to clear this full, chaosed mind of perhaps You all can get a little dose of the Weatherly family.

***please feel free to comment ***